Do You Want To Have Sex With Your Therapist?

sex with your therapist

Sex With Your Therapist?

Has it been a long-held desire of yours to come in for a session and masturbate in front of your counselor, maybe even having her participate a bit? What if I told you to close your door right now, settle back in your chair, shut your eyes tight, and we’ll just take that fantasy of yours for a little sexy spin?

Have you always harbored a fantasy deep in your cock about your therapist, just bursting to be set free? Are you HARD at work, and need a release?? Well, hold on to your balls, because I’ve got the mind, the tits, and the tongue to get you off good!

You arrive for your session and close the door like usual. This time, I don’t get up to greet you. Instead, 2 words meet your cock along with a rush of pre-cum in your shorts so hot and unexpected, you are too shocked to even wipe the expression of surprise and glee off your face.

“Drop ’em.” I am no nonsense, and you respond quickly, coming to stand next to my desk. You do as you’re told, the good boy that you can be, all these counseling sessions clearly making a difference. I crawl to you in my short skirt and heels. I start sucking on your cock , before you can even pull it all the way free of your boxer shorts.

“Today’s session will be ….non-traditional therapy.” I promise to suck every last drop of your hot cum, but I warn you that if you groan too loud, someone might come in, and we don’t want that…..or do we?? Then you would have to share me. Bend me over the desk, take turns fucking me hard while my boss watches…who knows, maybe I’ll get a raise!

If you’ve had a dirty office fantasy, and need something sizzling to pass the long hours at work, and want some hot secret chat between you, your cock, and your phone sex therapist, then the cock counselor is your woman!

The Cock Counselor~Always HOT~Always CONFIDENTIAL
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